Check out our list of diVaTyte™ FAQs to answer your diVa® questions.
Check out our list of diVaTyte™ FAQs to answer your diVa® questions.

diVaTyte™ FAQs

What is diVaTyte™ ?

Are you ready for your inner diva to show on the outside too? Of our most common diVaTyte™ FAQs is:  “what is exactly is diVaTyte™” ? Maybe you’ve already read up on the diVa® procedure. diVaTyte™  uses the same technology in its sister product, diVa®.  SkinTyte is the same technology used for firming the skin on the face, neck and abdomen.  Doesn’t your most intimate area deserve the same attention?  divaTyte™ works with your body to restore vaginal youthfulness with no needles or surgery and minimal downtime or discomfort. divaTyte™  raises the tissue temperature to heat the deeper layers of the vaginal skin where laxity and looseness begin. This allows your body’s natural healing process to take place. Hello collagen! Hello firm! Hello diVaTyte™ ! 

Why do women want diVaTyte™ ?

Looseness and laxity in the vaginal area are the top complaints of women from aged 40 and beyond. Vaginal childbirth, hormonal changes and even some medications all cause a drop in estrogen that leads to looser skin all over. The vaginal area is no exception. Women everywhere want and deserve to feel their most sensual and beautiful all over. diVaTyte™ can help you get there. The peace of mind that comes with an FDA-cleared procedure. The results women (and their partners) want. Minimal downtime. Minimal discomfort. diVaTyte™  can be done on a lunch break and is private and discreet right here in the office. And best of all, there’s no surgery with diVaTyte™.

What can I expect during diVaTyte™?

diVaTyte™ treatment takes between ten and twenty minutes. The sensation you will feel during treatment is similar to getting a massage. diVaTyte™energy is delivered in a sequence of rapid pulses to gently warm the vaginal skin and ensure a uniform sensation of warmth throughout the skin.

What can I expect after diVaTyte™?

Immediately after diVaTyte™ the warming sensation will subside. Mild redness may occur in vaginal area treated. It will take a few minutes up to an hour for normal skin color to return. Some women may experience a normal response called “happy edema,” as the skin swells slightly in response to the treatment.

Are there any post-treatment instructions with diVaTyte™?

diVaTyte™ is noninvasive so you may return to your normal routine right away. Swimming, bathing and sexual activity are all fine after treatment, but Ruth Ann will guide you if a particular activity needs to be avoided.

What results can I look for with diVaTyte™?

Every woman is unique and so her results with diVaTyte™ will be, too. diVaTyte™ is recommended for women who want mild to moderate improvement in vaginal skin without surgery. Ruth Ann will consult with you on your specific improvements following your diVaTyte™ treatment. Full results can take up to four months as skin improvement is built around the body’s tissue remodeling process.

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