BioTE® Pellet Therapy is a natural and proven hormone replacement therapy to treat low testosterone.

Testosterone Treatment for Men

BioTE® Pellet Therapy is a natural and proven hormone replacement therapy to treat low testosterone.

Testosterone Treatment for Men

Fight the Low T Battle with BioTE® Pellet Therapy

Ladies, did you know men can have hormone imbalance, too? That's why BioTE® Pellet Therapy is a natural choice to help the men you love feel more like themselves again. Testosterone is the most important hormone in adult men and it can take a real nosedive for lots of reasons.

Known as “low T,” low testosterone comes about with advanced age as well as certain medical conditions and treatments. Because testosterone is a sex hormone it’s super important for your guys in the reproductive age. It helps them maintain that strong baby-making mojo trio of libido, sperm count and sperm viability. But as men get older this powerhouse hormone plays a big part in fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, mood, energy, cardiovascular health and more. So, if you’re reading this and think a guy you care about could have Low T, BioTE® Pellet Therapy may be just what he needs.

What is BioTE® Pellet Therapy and how does it work?

BioTE® Pellet Therapy is a form of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy or BHRT. Maybe you’ve heard of BHRT. BioTE® Pellet Therapy uses hormones of estrogen and testosterone that are plant-based bioidentical hormones meaning they are closest in structure to what our bodies produce naturally. Therefore, this is a very different approach to synthetic hormone replacement therapy which uses man-made synthetic ingredients and is not individualized. Because the risks of low T are very real, it’s crucial to achieve hormone balance, and many patients feel much more comfortable using a natural approach that works with their bodies. BioTE® Pellet Therapy is individualized to each person’s needs based on their testing. A pellet is inserted into the hip region and the dosage is slowly released over time. It’s extremely safe and well tolerated without the side effects of traditional hormone replacement therapy.

How can BioTE® Pellet Therapy help my guys feel better?

If you’ve noticed the men in your life feeling less like themselves it’s likely Low T. Wouldn’t it be great to help them get back on track without worry? The great news is that there’s a natural, proven and effective choice for them in BioTE® Pellet Therapy. Because hormone deficiency treatment is not just for women.  Take a look at the top 10 most common symptoms of Low T. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Depression or anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Lower sexual drive or performance
  • Brain fog
  • Weight gain
  • Insomnia
  • Diabetes
  • Low muscle mass
  • Heart disease
  • Osteoporosis

Low testosterone goes way beyond just feeling blah. It can lead to higher cardiovascular risk like heart attack and stroke. Low T also increases the risk of life-threatening diabetes. Mental health takes a toll with Low T and, last but not least, the bedroom suffers. Unfortunately, low sex drive and performance are one of the most common problems resulting from Low T.

The only way to know for sure if low testosterone is the underlying issue is through hormone testing. This is an easy process through saliva, urine or blood testing in the office. Once you know check into BioTE® Pellet Therapy. The results are real!  

  • Improved sexual interest & performance
  • Better energy level
  • Regain muscle mass
  • Mental clarity
  • Depression, anxiety & mood swings lowered
  • Lowered risk of prostate cancer
I think this may be the problem. Now how do I bring it up?

You’ve noticed a lot of the symptoms here in the guys in your life, right? It’s really common with about 40% of all men having Low T. And while sexual health is usually the top reason women want to bring up hormone imbalance, leading with that reason to start the talk with your partner is not the best idea. We know that low T wreaks havoc in a lot of areas. Use another symptom or two to open the door to getting his hormones checked here at ANewU. Maybe he’s had some scatterbrained moments lately that are bothering him or, with a family history of stroke, the Low T-cardio connection would get his attention. Prostate cancer for men over 50 is on the radar for most guys and that’s a good place to start. Or just feeling more energetic like he used to would be enough of a reason to want to come in and learn more.

Help the men in your life fight the Low T battle naturally with BioTE® Pellet Therapy. 

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