Halo™ is one of the most sought-after facial rejuvenation procedures in the country.

Every angel deserves a polished Halo™

Halo™ is one of the most sought-after facial rejuvenation procedures in the country.

Every angel deserves a polished Halo™

Laser skin resurfacing

You work hard taking care of everyone around you. Laser skin resurfacing may be the answer If life’s stresses are showing up in unwanted places. We’re excited at ANewU to be one of Gainesville’s only cosmedical institutes to now offer Halo™. Halo™ is one of the most sought-after facial rejuvenation procedures in the country. Halo™ uses the same technology you’ve come to love in our other advanced laser procedures here at ANewU. If you’ve made the move on any of these treatments, we know you’ll love experiencing similar amazing results on your face.

What is laser skin resurfacing with Halo™?

It’s the best of both worlds. Maybe you’ve thought about rejuvenating your face before but downtime woes and outcome fears stopped you short. Laser skin resurfacing with Halo™ relieves your worries. Past procedures were one of two things. They were either very fast with minimal downtime but lackluster results. Um, no thanks! Or, you loved those “after” photos, 12 weeks later. Who has that? Life is busy. Shouldn’t your choice work with that busy lifestyle instead of you trying to cram it in?

Enter the Halo™ Glow. This facial procedure is customizable to your specific goals. Using the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Technology (HFL) Halo™ gives you the results you want. Need a little polishing? Halo™ gives you just that with minimal downtime. Looking for a more extensive resurfacing? Halo™ to the rescue with a more intense treatment at a deeper level and only a few days of downtime. Twelve weeks is meant for summer vacations not laser treatment recovery. Halo™ gets you to wow, fast. In fact, Halo™ is the choice of some of your favorite celebrities to get them red carpet ready. But you don’t have to be an A-lister to deserve star treatment. We’ve brought Hollywood to Gainesville here at ANewU.

Is laser skin resurfacing right for me?

Halo™ is a great option for many women to regain a youthful skin tone and more. Below are eight of the top reasons people everywhere are going for that Halo™ Glow. If one or more of these ring your bell book your Halo™ consultation today.

Former sun worshiper?Life taking a toll?

  • Overall sun damage
  • Visible signs of aging signs of aging
  • Visible discolorationEnlarged pores
  • Poor apperanceAppearance of scars of scars
  • Uneven skin toneAppearance of fine lines
What will I see with my Halo™ Glow?

Your Halo™ Glow will give your results you can’t get from other skin treatments. Your skin will be more reflective, more radiant and more youthful. You can also expect to see a significant improvement in overall skin tone with your Halo™ treatment. If you have specific areas of concern like scarring or fine lines, the appearance of those will diminish and become less noticeable within a few weeks. You may find you don’t need to wear makeup or if you choose to, a lot less. One of the most exciting parts of the Halo™ Glow is that people will notice a change but it’s completely natural. No frozen face, no surgery and with minimal downtime. Halo™ will become your best kept secret.

What about what I don’t see?

Sometimes what happens behind the scenes is just as important as front stage. Halo™ Hybrid Fractional Technology is so advanced it works deeply at the cellular level to rejuvenate your skin. Halo™ triggers what is called a “dermal regeneration phase.” Even after your initial treatment, your skin will continue to improve. Even better, because Halo™ is not as harsh as other laser skin procedures - you’ll have minimal discomfort and downtime. You’re unique. Shouldn’t your skin treatment be too?

Stop the show with Halo™ Glow. Book your Halo™ consultation today with the anti-aging experts at ANewU.