Avoid the cumbersome side effects of traditional hormones with BioTE® Pellet Therapy.

Testosterone Pellet Therapy for Women

Avoid the cumbersome side effects of traditional hormones with BioTE® Pellet Therapy.

Testosterone Pellet Therapy for Women

Testosterone pellet therapy and you

Maybe it’s your adult daughter, your mom or you - but some things are just changing. Testosterone pellet therapy for women may help alleviate these changes. Are you seeing hair loss where it used to be and hair popping up in new places? More moodiness outside of that time of the month? Or maybe it’s a tennis game that’s a little off because of routine brain fog. While we all have our own version of normal, you know yours is not what it used to be. Maybe the time is right to get your testosterone levels checked.

What is testosterone pellet therapy and how does it work?

Testosterone pellet therapy addresses the changes in a woman’s life cycle that cause hormonal imbalance. Low testosterone causes a lot of changes in our body and daily life. The most common reason for low testosterone is menopause. Menopause comes in three stages, which are perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause and all three cause a flux in important testosterone. Women who have undergone a hysterectomy with ovary removal also experience low testosterone. To regain this hormonal balance, many women are opting for natural options. Although these come in the form of pills, creams and pellets, testosterone pellet therapy is gaining more and more popularity. It’s personal, proven and safe!

BioTE® Testosterone Pellet Therapy

Testosterone pellet therapy in the form of BioTE® Pellet Therapy is a natural form of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). BioTE® Pellet Therapy is a plant-derived means of BHRT that works with your body’s natural processes. It uses carefully studied ingredients that most closely mimic the hormones our body produces naturally. The process is simple but effective, safe and proven. A pellet uniquely designed to your body’s needs based on testing results is inserted into the hip area. You’ll feel the effects within a few days and they last for months. Many women love the fact that BioTE® Pellet Therapy works in synergy with their body and doesn’t cause the cumbersome side effects of traditional hormone replacement therapy like weight gain or increased cancer risk.

How can testosterone pellet therapy help me?

Most people associate the hormone testosterone with men and it’s certainly a key player with the guys. But as it turns out, this hormone has a big effect on women’s health too. Because some of the symptoms of testosterone imbalance are frequently chalked up to the normal aging process, low testosterone can easily go ignored or misdiagnosed and treated with antidepressants or similar drugs. Here are some top signs of testosterone imbalance. As you’ll see, some are daily hindrances while others are more subtle but just as important.

Are your symptoms

On the radar?           

  • Low libido
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Brain fog


Behind the scenes?           

  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Bone density loss
  • Hair loss or random growth

If you think you or someone you care about may be a good candidate for testosterone pellet therapy, the first step is a hormone workup here at ANewU. The process is simple.  With an easy blood test, saliva sample or urine specimen we can check hormone levels and help you achieve the balance you deserve. From there, your BioTE® Pellet Therapy will be uniquely designed based on your body’s needs.

Within a few days, most women see:
  • More energy
  • Clearer mindset and better overall sense of well-being
  • Heightened libido and experience
After a few weeks to months, they’ll experience:
  • Increased muscle mass
  • More normal hair growth patterns
  • Stronger bone density
Are there any side effects or drawbacks to testosterone pellet therapy?

Compared to traditional hormone replacement therapy there are really no side effect concerns with BioTE® Pellet Therapy. This is one of the main reasons more and more women are choosing it. Although BioTE® Pellet Therapy is sometimes not covered by commercial or state insurance plans, the costs of this treatment far outweigh the costs of the conditions it alleviates.

There’s no need to suffer in silence! Testosterone pellet therapy with BioTE® Pellet Therapy may be the answer to helping you regain your normal.

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